Why do we need a website


When we talk about Website for a company , we need to be sure about what website shall do for us. After talking to some of clients we reached to a conclusion that every body has a different idea about website

    • We need site for Business Purpose – For Online sale / Shopping Carts : 50%
    • We need for just for the sake having a website. | Company Website for Information Purpose | 20%
    • Website to show our products to clients (Domestic and Abroad) | Product Showcases | 30%

Actually a website is an extension of your business in the virtual world. What we need to know is what actually we need and how many pages shall be there.

Before you talk to any web designer make some points as below :

What is a Static Website : A website where a designer or a developer can upload matter and images , can change the programs and script as needed. A normal website of around 7- 10 pages should cost you around 7K to 10K including ( First year WebSpace and Domain name) this cost may differ from one web service provider to other.

Dynamic Website (Customized or With well known CMS) : A website where designer shall design the website as your wishes and shall give a backend Content Editing Control panel where you can also edit and add images and matter, although this is easy but to a limit it has certain boundaries of what a client or backend user can do or add.

Approximate costs for around 10 to 15 Pages starts from 10K  including ( First year WebSpace and Domain name) this cost may differ from one web service provider to other.

Some Designer and Developers usage of WordPress, Joomla and other CMS are available to use by developer and novice users as well.

Although it seems easy to work on Opensource CMS but to some extent you would always need a expert who can really create what you are looking for. If you have creative eye and good knowledge of WORD (MS) you would be able to handle CMS to some extent. If you are still not sure better Hire a Creative Web Designing Company and save some time.

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