What is website & WebPortal

Almost everyone thinks he knows what a website is and in a way he is correct. But when people start to talk about a Webportal in the same breath as a website, this is where they go wrong.

Webportal is indeed a type of website, but it is much more in content and services that you will better appreciate after reading this article on Webportal and Website.

A website of a company is a collection of all the facts and information about the company in different pages that are included or contained under a domain name. A website contains text, images and videos.

A portal is defined in the dictionary as a gateway or an entry point to a grand entrance. Thus a Webportal, in addition to being a website, also acts as a gateway to the internet.

For example www.google.com is a website but it also acts as a portal as it gets to you an array of web services. There are many pages that go into making it a website that is also a Webportal as you can use it as a launch pad to millions of other web pages, go shopping, play games, read your email, or talk to your friends through its messenger called Gtalk and so on. A Webportal is not just a great source of information; it allows data retrieval from divergent sources.

Examples of Web Portal are  : Shopping Carts, Reservation of Railway Tickets Online (irctc.co.in, NTES) Google, Yahoo, News and more

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