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Hello Sir, We are looking for a website designing agency and what would a 5 or 10 page website cost”.

cbWe and other web designing agencies get calls like this on regular basis  , actually caller does not understand the what it takes to build the website or a web application, an app they just need it as an extension so they would ask for unrealistic budgeted rates

It’s critical to explain to people that because software is complicated and you can only see one part of it, that most people underestimate cost, not over-estimate it.So the likelihood of them giving me a number that is bigger than mine, after they’ve shared what they want, is low.

What if i said around Rs.30000/- a site whereas the caller had a budget of let’s say Rs 7000-10000 and he sure will look elsewhere for cheap designers and I will have a lost sales….  Right???


  1. It would be a better idea if we can understand the client requirements first before we can quote it over the phone….best bet is a ballpark quotation to a client …., anyways try to get an appointment if you can…. because having  an appointment  means good chances of a positive sales closing. I have done this dozen of times with good results.
  2. Another thing I do is keep their email, phone numbers so i can send them promotional mailers  , sometimes we get good references …hmmm thats a nice trick of the trade ……..$$$$
  3. If you talk to a web developers who gives you an instant quote or provide you an unrealistic down prices for website development and hosting  just simply ignore them , since website development is a process based and dependent on client end needs NOT A PRE-DEFINED PACKAGE.On google you find ridiculous offers ranging from Under a thousand to Few a thousand bucks  all included (First Year) , I would rather say don’t fall for them, be realistic to your business and your needs.

There is a Trick to find out that they are genuine people or not Just ask them for full rights to your domain and Cpanel or other panels…. if they resist or try to bypass… then you might be in a tough situation next year.

Sometimes your website needs are so basic that you don’t need a full blown site hence you may save a fortune, time and headache. A simple consultation with an expert shall make up your mind before blindly investing a fortune in a website.

Just Imagine telling someone you wanted a house and having them immediately giving you a price for that house.

Any salesperson with a common sense would want to know your Actual Requirements, Place , Facilities and other things  you’re looking to purchase, right? The same goes for building web sites. Depending on the features you want for your web site, the cost can be anywhere from a few thousand rupees to over a 100K.. But this all depends on your real requirements….

So call up a few web professionals in your area and remember since website development is a process based and dependent on your needs NOT A PRE-DEFINED PACKAGE.

So talk in detail and have GOOD LUCK finding the right website designing agency for you….

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