Bandwidth Management Network Management Layer-2/3 Firewall Management

Bandwidth Management Network Management, Layer-2/3, Firewall Management

Netwall-R2 Bandwidth Management Software & Internet Traffic Management Solutions

  • That offers cost-effective bandwidth control and quality of service based on built-in prioritized rules.
  • These rules can specify a bandwidth limit for each Internet user. This kind of software often called bandwidth shaper, bandwidth limiter or traffic shaper.
  • With Netwall Bandwidth Manager, you can apply speed-throttling rules to specified IP addresses, ports and even network interfaces with no changes to existing network infrastructure.
  • The rich feature set of Netwall Bandwidth Manager is easily managed via the intuitive Web Based GUI.
  • The software requires a Standard P-4 System with at least 512 MB of RAM and 40 GB HDD with Two Network Card.

Some points to consider

Internet Traffic Management

o IP Based Traffic Management
o Time Based Traffic Management
o ACL Based Traffic Management
o Zone Based Traffic Management
o ISP Based Traffic Management
o IP Pool Based Traffic Management (optional)
o Centralized configuration from a single network location
o No software installation is required on client workstations

IP Management

o Auto Create and Allocate IPs to user by Static LAN IP Pool
o Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Based LAN IP Pool
o RADIUS and PPPoE Preconfigured IP Series to LAN Users. (ISP Module Only)
o Manually delete unused IPs from server

Firewall (Gateway Level)

o Port Based Firewall
o IP Based Firewall ( In Bound / Out Bound )
o Protects against Viruses
o IP/Port Forwarding
o QoS, ToS, VPN, PPPoE and AAA RADIUS Server (Optional ISP Module Only)

Content filtering

o Restrict User’s Web Surfing
o Block some website, web content and Allow rest all
o Allow Only few website, web content and Block rest all

Antivirus for Web Browsing & port based scan virus

o Port Based Scan Virus
o User’s web browsing after scan virus if found virus in any site. Then Block web site

dDoS Attack Protection

o Floods : – TCP/IP Sync, Timestamp, Fake stamp, ICMP Broadcast
o Drops : – Source Routed Packets, ICMP Redirect Acceptance, Send Redirect Messages, Spoofed Packets coming, Stealth Scans and TCP State Flags
o Accept :- Traffic from Internal Interface, Incoming Data that is part of a connection we Established, Data is Related to Existing Connection, Responses to DNS queries, Responses to our Ping, Notification of Unreachable Hosts, Notification to Reduce Sending speed, Notification of Lost Packets, Notification of Protocol Problems
o Protects: – Our X11 Display Server, Our X font Server, Our NFS Server.

Policy Routings

o Zone Management : – Split Main Incoming Internet Bandwidth as per your requirement
o Port Management :- Allow or Block Ports as per Network requirement
o Bandwidth Management :- Create as many speed limits as your Network needs
o Quota Managements :- Create as many Quota restriction limits as your User’s needs
o Time ACL Managements :- Give access Internet to your users with specific time restriction
o Limited Time Management :- Allow Users to Access Internet with few hours any time for days

Traffic / Network Monitoring

o Graphical Representation through Web Interface as well as shell prompt
o MRTG:- All Interface Traffic Graphs Generated with Traffic Management Server
o User Based Traffic Graphs
o Shell Prompt Interface for Live view
o Traffic View – Real Time Traffic Monitoring for All interfaces

DHCP Server

o Simple DHCP Server
o Multi-VLAN Layer-3 based Network DHCP
o Virtual LAN multi-DHCP

Quota Monitoring

o Check Users Quota used by specific days and time
o Check Users Quota used by given Fair Usage Policy and Data Limit


o Control and Manage Server by Web Interface
o Control and Manage Server by Remote SSH or Shell Prompt
o Multilevel Administration – Administrator, Manager, User Creator, Network Watcher (Optional )
o Users Connect and Authenticate User by IP/Mac Address Based
o Users Connect and Authenticate User by DHCP/PPPoE/RADIUS (Optional ISP Module Only)
o Create Invoices in Billing Module (Optional ISP Module Only)
o Online Support Center for advance Administration (Optional ISP Module Only)

Web Server

o Managed Server can save your IT cost.
o Fully Managed Server is a part of our software
o These server require little or no system admin skill
o Software come with pre-hardened security software and pre-loaded server software.
o DOS shields prevent our networks from Denial Of Service Attacks

Advanced Traffic Shaping

o Bandwidth Shaping & Prioritization
o Minimum committed Bandwidth
o Shared Maximum SpeLimitit
o Priority of Traffic (Optional)
o Manage QoS